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          GLVC YouTube Channel
          MarApril 2021May
          Thu, Apr. 08, 2021
          Men's Tennis
          Missouri-St. Louis
          AT WashU
          4:00 p.m.
          AT Missouri S&T
          6 P.M.
          Live Stats  Live Video  
          Men's Golf
          AT Quincy
          8th, 630   
          Women's Bowling
          NCAA Bowling Regional Championships
          VS Central Missouri

          Athletes of the week
          Men's Tennis Player of the Week
          Women's Tennis Player of the Week
          Women's Soccer Offensive Player of the Week
          Women's Soccer Defensive Player of the Week
          Women's Lacrosse Offensive Player of the Week
          Women's Lacrosse Defensive Player of the Week
          Men's Soccer Offensive Player of the Week
          Men's Soccer Defensive Player of the Week
          Baseball Pitcher of the Week
          Baseball Player of the Week
          Baden Volleyball Defensive Player of the Week
          Baden Volleyball Offensive Player of the Week
          Softball Pitcher of the Week
          Softball Player of the Week
          Football Special Teams Player of the Week
          Football Offensive Player of the Week
          GLVC Mileage Chart
          From Southern Indiana MILES TIME
          McKendree 143 2:23
          Missouri-St. Louis 171 2:51
          Indianapolis 173 3:00
          GLVC Office 175 3:09
          Maryville 180 2:56
          Lindenwood???? 183 2:46
          Illinois Springfield 224 3:45
          Missouri S&T 267 4:15
          Quincy 302 4:58
          Lewis 325 5:34
          Southwest Baptist???? 370 5:46
          Truman 374 5:56
          Drury 377 5:49
          Rockhurst 410 6:19
          William Jewell 412 6:22
          From Bellarmine MILES TIME
          Indianapolis 115 1:53
          GLVC Office 118 1:57
          Southern Indiana 132 2:13
          McKendree 247 3:53
          Missouri-St. Louis 275 4:18
          Maryville 284 4:27
          Lewis 310 4:58
          Illinois Springfield 328 5:09
          Lindenwood 369 5:33
          Missouri S&T 370 5:40
          Quincy 405 6:26
          Southwest Baptist 473 7:14
          Truman 477 7:24
          Drury 480 7:17
          Rockhurst 513 7:48
          William Jewell 515 7:51
          From Drury MILES TIME
          Southwest Baptist 28.8 0:35
          Missouri S&T 111 1:44
          Rockhurst 163 2:44
          William Jewell 180 3:04
          Maryville 209 3:09
          Missouri-St. Louis 221 3:23
          McKendree 238 3:40
          Lindenwood 252 4:04
          Truman 256 4:12
          Quincy 261 4:37
          Illinois Springfield 307 4:41
          Southern Indiana 377 5:49
          GLVC Office 455 7:00
          Indianapolis 456 6:59
          Lewis 480 7:20
          From Illinois Springfield MILES TIME
          McKendree 83 1:29
          Missouri-St. Louis 103 1:42
          Lindenwood 107 1:42
          Maryville 111 1:48
          Quincy 114 1:53
          Lewis 174 2:53
          Truman 197 3:08
          Missouri S&T 198 3:04
          GLVC Office 210 3:22
          Indianapolis 216 3:23
          Southern Indiana 224 3:45
          William Jewell 296 4:35
          Southwest Baptist 301 4:42
          Drury 307 4:41
          Rockhurst 315 4:53
          From Indianapolis MILES TIME
          GLVC Office 5 0:13
          Southern Indiana 173 3:00
          Lewis 197 3:18
          Illinois Springfield 216 3:23
          McKendree 228 3:42
          Missouri-St. Louis 252 3:59
          Lindenwood? 257 3:50
          Maryville 260 4:10
          Quincy 326 5:00
          Missouri S&T 347 5:22
          Truman 408 6:15
          Southwest Baptist 451 6:55
          Drury 456 6:59
          Rockhurst 483 7:21
          William Jewell 484 7:24
          From Lewis MILES TIME
          Illinois Springfield 174 2:53
          GLVC Office 192 3:09
          Indianapolis 197 3:18
          McKendree 255 4:09
          Missouri-St. Louis 276 4:21
          Lindenwood 280 4:18
          Maryville 284 4:28
          Quincy 284 4:27
          Southern Indiana 325 5:34
          Truman 333 6:04
          Missouri S&T 371 5:43
          William Jewell 465 7:10
          Southwest Baptist 474 7:22
          Drury 480 7:20
          Rockhurst 484 7:27
          From Maryville MILES TIME
          Lindenwood 12 0:18
          Missouri-St. Louis 18 0:24
          McKendree 42 0:50
          Missouri S&T 100 1:32
          Illinois Springfield 111 1:48
          Quincy 123 2:08
          Southern Indiana 180 2:56
          Truman 195 3:24
          Southwest Baptist 198 3:18
          Drury 209 3:09
          Rockhurst 232 3:30
          William Jewell 234 3:33
          Indianapolis 260 4:10
          GLVC Office 260 4:10
          Lewis 284 4:28
          From McKendree MILES TIME
          Missouri-St. Louis 33 0:41
          Maryville 42 0:50
          Lindenwood 52 0:54
          Illinois Springfield 83 1:29
          Missouri S&T 129 2:06
          Southern Indiana 143 2:23
          Quincy 164 2:49
          GLVC Office 227 3:38
          Indianapolis 228 3:42
          Southwest Baptist 232 3:50
          Truman 236 3:47
          Drury 238 3:40
          Lewis 255 4:09
          Rockhurst 272 4:11
          William Jewell 274 4:14
          From Missouri S&T MILES TIME
          Maryville 100 1:32
          Southwest Baptist 104 1:53
          Lindenwood 110 1:42
          Drury 111 1:44
          Missouri-St. Louis 111 1:44
          McKendree 129 2:06
          Truman 183 3:03
          Quincy 187 3:26
          Illinois Springfield 198 3:04
          Rockhurst 218 3:32
          William Jewell 220 3:35
          Southern Indiana 267 4:15
          GLVC Office 346 5:23
          Indianapolis 347 5:22
          Lewis 371 5:43
          From Missouri-St. Louis MILES TIME
          Lindenwood 13 0:19
          Maryville 18 0:24
          McKendree 33 0:41
          Illinois Springfield 103 1:42
          Missouri S&T 111 1:44
          Quincy 131 2:15
          Southern Indiana 171 2:51
          Truman 203 3:14
          Southwest Baptist 216 3:36
          Drury 221 3:23
          Rockhurst 239 3:37
          William Jewell 241 3:40
          GLVC Office 251 4:01
          Indianapolis 252 3:59
          Lewis 276 4:21
          From Quincy MILES TIME
          Truman 75 1:35
          Illinois Springfield 114 1:53
          Lindenwood 118 1:58
          Maryville 123 2:08
          Missouri-St. Louis 131 2:15
          McKendree 164 2:49
          Missouri S&T 187 3:26
          William Jewell 211 3:26
          Rockhurst 230 3:43
          Southwest Baptist? ? 242 4:15
          Drury 261 4:37
          Lewis 284 4:27
          Southern Indiana 301 4:57
          GLVC Office 320 4:59
          Indianapolis 326 5:00
          Bellarmine 405 6:26
          From Rockhurst MILES TIME
          William Jewell 22 0:31
          Southwest Baptist 133 2:14
          Drury 163 2:44
          Truman 177 2:58
          Missouri S&T 218 3:32
          Lindenwood 227 3:32
          Quincy 230 3:43
          Maryville 232 3:30
          Missouri-St. Louis 239 3:37
          McKendree 272 4:11
          Illinois Springfield 315 4:53
          Southern Indiana 410 6:19
          GLVC Office 482 7:22
          Indianapolis 483 7:21
          Lewis 484 7:27
          From Saint Joseph's MILES TIME
          Lewis 94 1:42
          GLVC Office 101 1:41
          Indianapolis 107 1:45
          UW-Parkside 152 2:52
          Illinois Springfield 189 3:22
          Bellarmine 219 3:30
          Southern Indiana 233 4:27
          McKendree 265 4:29
          Missouri-St. Louis 289 4:49
          Maryville 297 4:56
          Quincy 299 5:00
          Truman 381 6:14
          Missouri S&T 385 6:13
          William Jewell 481 7:38
          Drury 494 7:49
          Rockhurst 500 7:55
          From Truman MILES TIME
          Quincy 75 1:35
          William Jewell 158 2:40
          Rockhurst 177 2:58
          Lindenwood 182 2:55
          Missouri S&T 183 3:03
          Maryville 195 3:24
          Illinois Springfield 197 3:08
          Missouri-St. Louis 203 3:14
          Southwest Baptist 234 3:55
          McKendree 236 3:47
          Drury 256 4:12
          Lewis 333 6:04
          Southern Indiana 374 5:56
          GLVC Office 402 6:34
          Indianapolis 408 6:15
          From UW-Parkside MILES TIME
          Lewis 87 1:50
          Saint Joseph's 152 2:52
          GLVC Office 250 4:19
          Indianapolis 256 4:23
          Illinois Springfield 257 4:24
          McKendree 338 5:40
          Quincy 353 5:49
          Missouri-St. Louis 359 5:53
          Maryville 366 6:00
          Bellarmine 368 6:08
          Southern Indiana 379 6:59
          Truman 405 6:55
          Missouri S&T 454 7:20
          William Jewell 549 8:29
          Drury 564 8:53
          Rockhurst 568 8:47
          From William Jewell MILES TIME
          Rockhurst 22 0:31
          Southwest Baptist 152 2:34
          Truman 158 2:40
          Drury 180 3:04
          Quincy 211 3:26
          Missouri S&T 220 3:35
          Lindenwood 229 3:35
          Maryville 234 3:33
          Missouri-St. Louis 241 3:40
          McKendree 274 4:14
          Illinois Springfield 296 4:35
          Southern Indiana 412 6:22
          Lewis 465 7:10
          Indianapolis 484 7:24
          GLVC Office 484 7:25
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